IR2110 Noise

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Dear members,
I'm having a issue with the bootstrap circuit. With no input on pin 10 I don't get the correct dc voltage readings.
I measured 5=51volts, 6= 50, pin 7=54 . According to the simulation the voltages are not normal.
The voltage should measure ,5=3.67 ,6= 18.8, 7=3.67. When I measured pin 5,6,7 with my scope I saw a lot of AC ripple approx =7.2 vpp.
The AC ripple looks good on the 320 vdc supply But the same voltage going to IR2110 has a lot of ripple.
Do you think I should make the value on C1 larger. I don't understand because this is a factory designed circuit.
Thanks in advance.

Jeff M.