IR remote control - AC

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Hi everybody,
I'm trying to control my AC using Arduino. I have bought an IR transmitter and receiver.

I've been able to decode my remote control, it's using Samsung protocol.
I have copied the signal, and sent this signal to my receiver as a test which verified it was decoded correctly.

Signal read from original remote control:
Protocol=Samsung48 Address=0xB24D Command=0x3FD Raw-Data=0xFC03 48 bits LSB first
Send with: IrSender.sendSamsung48(0xB24D, 0x3FD, );

When sending the copied signal to my receiver it prints:
Decoded protocol: Samsung48, decoded raw data: FC03, decoded address: B24D, decoded command: 3FD

I have then sent the same signal to my AC which doesn't respond. Does the decoding look correct?
Am I doing something wrong? The signals should be identical.

Any help would be much appreciated! I really want to make this work.