Introduce a tablet for me.

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Hi guys. Ready to buy a tablet. Do you have any introductions? Screen size should not too big, and my budget is 100 around.

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A friend gave me an iPad that is only 5 years old. You can only get apps from the apple store. All apps require OS 7 or 8. This iPad can only be upgraded to OS 5.7. I guess that is why Apple customers keep upgrading to the latest & greatest. They have to! Don't get hooked on Apple products.


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For opinions on purchases try using Yahoo Answers. You can read questions posed by others on similar products and the answers they received - OR you can ask your own question and get answers from others who may have the products you're curious about. They can tell you of their experiences.

Just keep in mind that on any public forum you can get good answers and you can get totally ignorant answers as well. Be ready for the ignits.


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I've got a Samsung Note 8.0. It's a few years old, but it is perfect for reading in bed or watching Netflix.

For general computing, I'm still a desktop guy. Can't work without 2 24" monitors, a keyboard, and mouse.


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Tablet is cool thing. But the downside is we have charge the battery sometimes. I love android, there are plenty application around for this.