Interpretation of Thermostat Temperature Table

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I am having trouble understanding the temperature ranges on this datasheet (attached).

I'm looking specifically at the 2455R thermostat temperatures in table 1 on page 4. The thermostat is "open-on-rise" and I'm trying to find a 240 VAC 15 A rated thermostat that opens around 55 degrees celsius (I know the datasheet says this one is 240 VAC 10 A, just trying to understand the temperature table).

My problem is the temperature bands given do not clearly specify what temperature the 2455R thermostat will open at. Does it open at 26 degrees then can be manually reset again to 82 degrees and then again to 110 degrees? Or is it adjustable to one of these temperature ranges? Or do I select a temperature range and let the manufacturer know which temperature range I want?

It's a very confusing table for someone who has never looked at thermostat cut-offs like these before! Any help is hugely appreciated!



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Agree that it is not obvious.

The chart is not showing thr actual open and close temperatures. Those are custom made, you would specify the operating temperatures. The chart shows the tolerances and the difference between the trip temperature and reset temperature only.

Look at page 19 for ones that have preset operating temperatures. They come in 52 or 57 but not 55.