Interchangability of Oscilloscope Probes?

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I just bought a Tektronix 2245 (without the a) and it doesn't come with probes.
From staring at various oscilloscopes and their probes, they all look the same at the connector part - probably coax.

I just want to make sure with you guys that most/all scopes have the same connector.
I'm considering this one:

I'm probably beating a dead horse with this question but I just want to make sure. This is my first scope and I hope it's not broken.
The seller says the "uncal and screen blinks at various intervals".

Does the uncal link do that normally? Is it broken or working?



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The seller says the "uncal and screen blinks at various intervals".
Doesn't sound like normal behavior to me. Uncal on all of my Tek scopes requires the uncal pot to be rotated from the cal position. Don't know what "screen blinks" means, but that doesn't sound good.

Regarding the probes you referenced. They'll work with the scope, but don't expect them to work like Tek probes. My scopes recognize (via a pin on the BNC connector) whether the probe is 10X or 1X and adjust the displayed voltage range accordingly.
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The probes linked will work with the Tektronix 2245. For "everyday" use of the 'scope they should be fine. If you want waveform fidelity at the full bandwidth of the scope then they are not good enough.

I would recommend inexpensive probes like these until you find you need better. Probes are very fragile so it is best to practice with cheap ones.