Inexperienced, need help!, how should I safely wire my bodine 3474wx20197

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Let me start by stating I'm by no means a professional at this, but I'm creative and love learning more while I get into my projects. This one put simply is a large turntable.
Now for the question, exactly how should I safely wire my bodine 3474wx20197 to my houses ≈115v supply.
Badge reads as follows:
Volts: 130
HZ: DC PH: 3
A: 1.5
HP: 1/5
RPM: 14
TORQUE: 341 lb-in
Ratio: 180:1

I'm aware I need to convert the power to dc, and a potentiometer to control the speed. Any ideas that aren't 500 bucks from bodine? Also, smoothness of operation doesn't matter and it will only be on for 10 minute cycles with about 10 minutes break between for roughly 2 hours a day total.


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Title: Inexperienced, need help!

We are all inexperienced and need help at some point in our lives.

Think of the number of posts and the number of readers on AAC.
Please do us all a favor and post a title such as:

"Need to power turntable at 14 RPM".