Industrial version of neopixel LEDs?

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Hi everyone,
I'm an Industrial Design Thesis student, and I'm actually developing a prototype that would be designed for a small batch; around 500 pieces.
What I am bothering is if I can use the lighting system of my prototype in an industrial reality as well.

The lights are an Adafruit Jewel 7 RGB LED Array ( ), and an Adafruit 16 RGB LED ring ( ).

If not, are there more "professional" versions of led arrays, still keeping the circle-disposition and multicolor lights?

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hi Gio,
Welcome to AAC.
What would be the types of Industrial environments that you have in mind for the product, please define.

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Hi Eric,
Let's say It would be for small robotic arms, the ones that can be placed on a desk. I don't know the specific Industrial environments, but consider the supply voltage of the total machine would be a range of 100 Vac-240 Vac.

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From what I remember, a lot of industrial sensors run at 24 V DC. Plausible industrial uses for LEDs could be as indicators on a control panel or machine. It's very reasonable for a desktop robotic arm to give visual warning when it's "live" and could potentially knock over a coffee cup or break your arm.