industrial temperature controller cum pulse counter

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  1. menakaseenivasan

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    Jan 8, 2016
    I want to develop industrial temperature controller cum pulse counter with 5 push buttons and LCD in PIC or 8051 microcontroller. Pushbuttons are set , enter , up , down, move likewise . i want to measure the temperature from thermocouple , external pulse and temperature sensor inputs and display the current temp. if user wants to change the set temp value and pulse rate they can use push buttons .... I am beginner. i have interfaced led, lcd, pushbutton , i2c eeprom , i2c rtc etc., but i cant able to write as a project . Can anyone please help me for source code . i have used PIC16f877a , 8051...
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  2. ScottWang


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    Please attach the schematic, the uC system must be related with hardware and software, if the hardware is wrong, whatever you modify the software is useless.
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    I hate to ask. Exactly what is a "cum pulse counter"? Is it a subject for adults only? :)