Inductor for Buck converter

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Hi all,

I am going to implement a buck converter that will step-down a 14V input supply to 10V at 2A.
From my calculation I determined that the required inductor value should be 3.3mH.
I found the following inductor on eBay which is listed as "Toroidal chokes 2.2 mH 250 Vac 2.3A Coil Wire Wrap Toroid Inductor Choke".
Will this inductor work for my application if I connect two in series? Also, since I am working with DC and the mentioned inductor is labelled as 250Vac, will it still work?

Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.


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You must be running your smps at a very low frequency to requires such a large inductor?
Have you tried any of the design aids for buck converters offered by Linear or TI? You will find that their solutions come up with inductors that are a few uH, not mH.


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The part is described as intended for noise filter applications. Without knowing your switching frequency and pulse width we can't be specific, but generally speaking I think it is not the right part for your job.



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Lm2596 and doesn't need a large inductivity. I think the delta voltage is important which is just a few volts, and you need higher inductance for larger delta voltage.

2.2mh is unusual for small buck converters.

If you put in series dc resistance will double.