Induction sensor wave signal , converted to hall effect sensor square wave... #2

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A long long long while later… a french speaking (and obviously writing) men is trying without success to do *nearly* the same thing…
first of all sorry if mistake bc it’s not my native language…
Now… the problem:

I had two defectives gearboxes and I made one with two…
Annnnddd limp mode, gearbox locked in 4th
analysed why… easy: the transmission control unit of the car is waiting a hall signal
BUT even if I use it, it cant work because the rotative part that could measure the speed of the input gearbox is not in a magnetic metal (because it’s from the gearbox where it’s not needed…)
And I am unable to use the non hall sensor for the same reason…
Not realy a matter because I just need to send the input speed that is exactly the speed of rotation of the engine (the clutches are brand new so no slipping problem)
So I have multiple output of the rpm of the engine: g28 sensor is not a hall sensor, when I use it for the input speed I measure 0 rpm, when I plug it to the output sensor of the tcu (non hall) it measure 2000 rpm at idle speed…(it should be 800)
I can use rpm speed signal of the dashboard, only one wire, measure 128 rpm at idle
Or I can use the coil system, measure 8160 rpm at idle…

Bad news, even if i can still read rpm on the computer and there is no default codes on the tcu, It seems that in my experiment i broke something on the tcu because I do not have 10.2v on the + - tcu side… 0,06 only

can anyone help?
Many thanks

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