Improving this Inverter for WPT application

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I came across a H-bridge inverter from this link, by GreatScott in the instructables.

I have attached the circuit of his.
The Component used :
Mosfets : IRLZ44N
Driver : IR2113
Timer : TLC555
Hex Inverter : 74HC4049

I'm planning to build 1 of this for a similar application at 80-150khz for a 5W or even maybe 15W lighting load using 12V DC Supply.

The ir2113 used was for a max rating of 600V and i'm wondering if its too overkill. Any better alternative for this ??
Main aim is to improve the efficiency of the h-bridge from this.

Please suggest any better alternative of the model of mosfets / driver u have in mind to improve its overall efficiency.


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Be aware there is a potential problem with that Instructables circuit (par for the course :) ): there are 5 unused inputs of the '4049 IC left floating. They should be tied to a power rail (e.g. ground), otherwise the IC is prone to picking up interference and could produce weird results. Also, neither the IR2113s nor the remainder of the circuit provide for any dead-time in the FET switching, so there is likely to be noticeable shoot-through which would cause undesirable current spikes and FET heating.
R8 and R9 are pull-ups on the gates of Q1 and Q3. I would have expected pull-downs to the FET sources instead.