implement MOSCAP in an FPGA (or another digital IC)

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Can I implement MOSCAP in an FPGA? I mean can I connect drain and source of a transistor to gnd and gate to another node? It can be another device other than FPGA. Thank you.


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I want to implement some capacitance at the input of a gate. Is it possible using FPGA or some other IC?
An FPGA does not ordinarily give you the ability to use and configure individual devices. The items inside and FPGA are more on the the gate or functional block level. In Xilinx parts of two decades ago it was common to implement an arbitrary 5 input logic function with a 32 bit RAM cell. The inputs were 5 address bits and each address selected 1 bit. You could do things like:

Y = AB*CDE* which has 3 active high inputs and two active low inputs. That function is a pain in the neck with discrete components.

You also have multiplexers decodes shift registers and so forth. Individual transistors -- not so much.

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