I need help fixing popup adds pls help!

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So whenever I open up my browser (I tried other browsers but they all have the same problem) the first tab that opens is a advertisement page. I tried scanning my PC with AVG and Anti Malware bites and it still has the ad. Someone pls help me


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Install a pop up blocker or use the browsers pop up blocking setting

Use a an adware scanner to detect adwares or malwares

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All of those are software solutions that take additional resources and only work with specific browser or platform. Try HOST file from MVPS. ORG


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Have you gone into your browser's settings and selected a website for your homepage, other than the default page?
That may solve your problem.

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that too... advert sites will change it their own URL so may want to restore it but if machine or app is infected, restoring home page is not enough...