Need Help in Fixing Acer Projector.

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Hi yall'

I have a Acer X1161 projector which(I know that this is very old) I got for very cheap like pennies and it used to work and it only used to display B/W(Black and white). Back when I got it(3 years ago) I googled and found some information that if the color wheel had gone bad, it won't display any colors. So I thought that I would fix the color wheel or I'd replace it.

The project sat on my shelve for a year before I started to work on it.

I opened up the projector and saw the light source which was generated by an Osram P-VIP 180 0.8 E20.8 projector bulb and saw the color wheel beside it.

I fiddled with it for some time and that's when the $#!t broke loose.

I did not change anything and did not even remove the color wheel from its place. However, when I tried to screw back and turn on the projector, it stopped working.
Then again, the project sat on my shelve for about two years. Now, I'm living alone and want to watch some movies. I know that the new LED projectors in the market are cheap and that the lamp of my Acer projector will alone cost me tons of money.

I want to fix this as this is a DLP projector and the last time it turned on, I noticed that none of the mirrors on the DMD chip had gone bad and it was in a decent condition.

Back when I was trying to turn this projector into an LED projector I came across so many helpful articles and Instructables that always talked about an optocoupler feedback circuit/arc detection ballast circuit which tells the motherboard that the lamp is turned on and that the motherboard can start POST.

I did not try to change the bulb as the bulb itself(not with enclosure) costs around 6K-8K bucks where I live and it is indeed expensive.

I wanted to diagnose and fix the issue, so I looked closely and noticed that the projector was maybe trying to post as I was able to hear 'clicks' from the DMD chip every two or three seconds.

When I turn on the projector, I see the power LED to blink for about 100ms before the actual 'constant-red' light comes on.

I noticed that it was not like this before when I got this projector initially when it was working it was not making that 100ms blink rather the constant red LED used to turn-on and stay that way till I pressed the power button.

Now after I press on the power button to turn it on, the red-light turns to blue and then it doesn't respond even when I press the power/standby button until I pull the mains cable.

I can actually say that the DMD chip is making the sound as when I look closely into the lens, I see the void space in the lens to change color to white as if it was trying to move the mirror(s) on the chip and I feel that it is not able to move and initialize the POST sequence where it goes into this infinite loop of trying to initialize the DMD chip and fails.

Also, the fans don't spin now and no other things blink or move other than the power status LED.

I'm not sure if this is a software or a hardware failure. I need your help in figuring this out and fixing this.

I'm attaching the service manual that I found online to this thread so that you can get a closer idea.

I'm not sure of inserting a file here on the thread as I'm new here.

So, here's the link where you can find the service manual:

Thanks in advance!