I need a small size connector with high mating cycles count.

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Maybe someone knows off the top of their head:

I need a fairly small size connector (the smaller the better; a hint: 3.5mm audio jack is way too large; the ideal size would be a Molex Picoblade series 2-pin job) with high number of mating cycles.
Most of the regular inline (wire-to-wire or free hanging) connectors have life of 30-50 cycles, which does not mean they stop working after that, but eventually, sooner than later, they will. Either snap lock will wear, or the contacts will. Also they are not designed for easy plug-unplug by hands, unlike some Micro-USB, or Phone Audio Tip/Ring, or others.

So, I could live with inconvenience of mating/unmating, but I need good life,, like 5,000 cycles and up.

(Yes I considered Pogo pins, but then I would have to make something mechanical around them; I want this to be an in-line arrangement).