I have a current question about 12 to 24 volts conversion.

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What you want to do is fairly easy but you need to find a local rebuilder. I was a rebuilder so the information I am going to give you is from first hand experience, no guessing.
The rotor in a 24 Volt alternator will be wound differently than a 12 V rotor and therefore needs to be done properly. It will have a different amperage draw. To go with that, you need a 24 V voltage regulator. There are many different regulators available through a rebuilder depending on the type of alternator you use. As one person said, a Delco 10SI or 12 SI alternator are a couple of the most versatile alternators available and parts are fairly cheap for these. As for the stator and rectifier, you have to choose the output you want(amps) and buy those parts accordingly. This is a fairly simple procedure and you only need to use one alternator. If you need more information, send me an email and I will try to help you out the best I can.

BWilliams60, can you contact me when you have time please, have a question about alternators, read your reply regarding 12 to 24 volt conversion and have a current question. I am not sure how messaging works here, I just registered and don't seem to understand how to message you.

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One consideration not mentioned yet is the POWER! Mechanical power into the alternator will increase if you are getting more electrical power out. Certainly you will be able to adjust the field to increase the output voltage, but that takes more shaft input power to the alternator. That part is inescapable. Thus I recommend doing a power consideration from the engine capability through the alternator and to the voltage and current you need for the application. It is much less painful to discover on paper that something does not work than to build it and find out. Also a lot cheaper.