I am looking for some advice i am disabled and use a wheelchair i do drive an adapted car but i need to replace my 6-way seat.

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hi there i am sorry to ask a question this way but i have just registered and having some tech issues, i am looking for some advice i am disabled and use a wheelchair i do drive an adapted car but i need to replace my 6-way seat (it moves the driver's seat from the driving position to the back of the car so i can transfer in and out from my chair, a friend is helping me make a replacement that is better suited to my needs, but i am hitting a brick wall, i want to be able to control the main actuator from both a DPDT momentary switch fitted to the side of the seat that is fine most of the time but when a carer or friend drives my car they often forget to move the seat into the back of the car ready for me to be able to get in, my hope is to add a 2ch remote relay so i can also use a remote control (that will be fitted in to a project box and have push buttong switches soldered to the remote so it can then be mounted on my chair with my house door remote and other automation controls i am find doing that but the relay is a problem, i wonder if you would be kind enough to have a look at a diagram please forgive the basicness of it but should show you what i mean, i have the relay hooked up with the actuator leads conected to com 1 and com 2, i have posative power conected to NC1 AND NC2 as well as to power input and i have negative connected to NO1 AND NO2 as well as negative power input, it is using 12v DC direct from car battery. the actuator would have a max of 6amps i have several 4ch remote relays left over from a few years back i am actually using one of them, but only using 2 channels. could you have a look a the diagram and let me know if you think that would work and if not what you might recommend? i would just experiment a bit but sadly due to the deterioration of my health i am not able to do much now so would rather have a better idea before trying as it will cause me a good bit of pain doing it. any advice or guidance would be fantastic. thank you either way. oh yes let me list all that may be relevant, it will be fitted in a car to move the driver's seat in to back of car on rails powered by a 12v actuator rate at 6amp max and 1500newtons it will be on a fused circuit, the remote relay is set to momentary and the manual dpdt switch is momentary i would rather avoid using an arduino or the like and want to keep it as simple as possible far less to go wrong, when this disabled you do not want to be left stranded due to electronics failing the less there is the less to go wrong. i cannot think of any other info you would need, thank you in advance. mark.

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