hvlp electric spray gun, air output control

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I have an electric spray gun, it has a "turbine" in it. it has a basic switch (snap action/micro switch) with capacitor and that is about it. i would like to find a way to build in an air control function. like a speed control on the "turbine". there are some guns that have a switch for this. mine does not. i got it off ebay and dont want to send it back. it is a 230 volt plug in device. the trigger is supposed to be a "push for more power". all it really does is switch it on and slightly reduce the power, but only slightly, almost not noticable. i was thinking about a resistor or something. to lower the power of the turbine.
any help would be great thanks
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Doing what you ask is I think going to cause you spray pattern problems. Doesn't this have a material(paint) adjustment knob? Or different spray head sizes? That is how most of them are.