How would I wire this?

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So I'm looking to have a similar setup as the person in this video where I have a laptop power supply powering LED's and a rumble motor through some switches. I only have some basic knowledge on electronics but I do know that the power supply's voltage has to match the specifications of both the LED's and the motor, however the amp rating needs to be at or above the needed amount for the devices (correct me if I'm wrong).

I'm looking to purchase theses motors or possible a single unit instead of two since it seems kind of overkill. What type of LED strips do I need to purchase that I could also add into this circuit that would work with the same power supply. I was thinking of purchasing this power supply. The only confusing part for me is that after watching a bunch of arduino videos people usually put resistors in the same circuit as the led but in the video I linked above it does not look like the person had resistors in his circuit.

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The power supply is great for strip LEDs many of which will run forever on 12 volts.

The motor is spec'd to run at only 6 volts, so THAT would need a resistor ( 60 ohms at at least 1 watt), or just pick a motor to run off 12 volts.
Thank you for the quick reply.
I can see that the motor runs at 6v dc from the title and the description but also in the description it mentions this about operating range.

Can you explain to me why it mentions 6v dc but also shows 12v?
Also I have decided on this motor. I hope it creates enough vibration for my application. Do I just wire a switch in series with the motor and complete the circuit? Do I need to worry about current draw or will the motor pull only the current that it needs to run at that voltage. Remember I'm still trying to understand how this works.


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Because the motor is likely a 12VDC motor before the weight was added but the thing will likely shake the bushings off of the motor housing if you run it at 12VDC with the weight. I'm guessing 6v with the weight will give you a pretty good shake.


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Both Parts I linked to were simply suggestions.
The Light is actually 220V so not very convenient for folks in the USA.
But there are thousands of similar examples.
You should also look in the Automotive Dept. at Walmart and see what
they stock in the way of Sealed-120V-LED-Work-Lights, they are designed to
withstand an abusive environment, like inside of a Blast-Cabinet.
Auto-Parts Stores may also have something.

Stick-On LED Strips just "ain't gonna get it" in a Blast-Cabinet,
nowhere near enough Light, and not enough physical protection.