How we can calculate induced voltage on a mutual inductance pair of coils_

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Dear Forum members hello again,
I am trying to calculate the induced voltage in a hand made coil arrangement.
They are both in the output stage of an old Gates FM transmitter.
Both coils are the same.
What i have so far are:
The coil dimensions are. Diameter 14 cm, wire thickness 3.4 mm, both of one single loop each positioned about 5-7 mm away
Coil L1 is in parallel with a 2-16 pf variable capacitor
Coil L2 is in series with a 2-26 pf variable capacitor
The circuit use 600 volt at 100 mA at one side, were the L1 coil feeds the tube anode
The L2 coil feeds the antenna probably a dipole
The reason i am trying to understand this relationship is in order to calculate and later to measure the induced voltage on L2 from L1 and in that way to see if and how i can improve mutual induction and some how to measure it in view to optimize the RF output signal before even power up that project.
Thank you in advance for your help.