How to wire a TTP223 Touch sensor switch with 12V LED belt

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Kelvin Lee

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I read the datasheet of TTP223 touch sensor switch, the operating voltage is 2.0V~5.5V, I only have one 12V battery source, how can I wire the battery with 12V LED belt and this touch sensor switch? I know how the voltage divider work but no idea how to wire the I/O pin of the TTP223 touch sensor switch, do anyone can help?

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VCC to the output of the voltage divider, GND to ground and the OUT is your input signal to the circuit.


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The TTP223 has a lot going on inside, running it straight from a resistor divider might not work well.
Use a small voltage regulator to insure a stable Vcc.

Use the output to drive an N-CH MOSFET driving your LED load.