How to stack Wemos shields ?

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I have a Wemos board, a Micro SD shield, and a OLED shield. I want to stack them together, but I'm not sure what is the best way to do it, and whether some connections need soldering or not.

I found three methods. Here is an imgur album with the pics, labeled 1-3. I guess (at least) the connections in the red areas need soldering.
  • Regarding method #1, which I like the most because it's the most compact: The underside of the upper(OLED) shield touches some components on the Micro SD shield below, and thus doesn't sit perfect on the plastic part of the headers. Also, the connections between the headers and the SD shield seems secure, so am I right to assume soldering is not needed there ?
  • Regarding method #2, I would shorten the long pins after soldering
  • Method #3 is method #2 but with the OLED shield under the plastic part of the upper headers(maybe to avoid soldering ?)
Also, does the microcontroller board need soldering on the pins which enter the breadboard ?