How to set up Rex C100 PID temperature controller

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Older topic, but nevertheless.
I have been struggling for weeks now with this issue:

We have a defective electrical Hanabishi kitchen oven. The mechanical thermostat broke down (contactpoints welded themselves together...)
I thought that this was a nice opportunity to convert this analog control to a more precise digital one.
So I got a REX C100 PID controller, K thermocouple and a solid state relay from Shopee.

The basic functionality seems to work, but I am stuck with a few problems:
There appears to be a very large offset over the range between PV and SV.
Finally I found a parameter to tweak, but the offset is not the same over the range, so it does not help me much.
Also it is not really stable, sometimes the temperature will go to max, i.e. the electric heating element stays on.

I was wondering if there is a guideline on how to setup this kind of controller, the auto tune did not help.
maybe I should purchase another type of controller, but then again: which one ?
Any help would be appreciated !

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