How to reset the Ethernet MAC table

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Ethernet MAC tablosu nasıl sıfırlanır. Örneğin 300 saniye dolduğunda MAC tablosunu sıfırlamak istiyorum.
1-) Süre MAC tablosuna yazılan ilk adresle başlayıp 300 saniye dolduğunda tüm mac tablosunu sıfırlıyor mu?
2-) MAC tablosuna yazılan her adres için süre ayrı ayrı ölçülür ve sadece 300 saniyesi tamamlanan adresin bilgileri sıfırlanır.

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How to reset Ethernet MAC table. For example I want to reset the MAC table when 300 seconds are up.
1-) Does the time start with the first address written to the MAC table and reset the entire mac table when 300 seconds are up?
2-) For each address written to the MAC table, the time is measured separately and the information of the address whose 300 seconds are completed is reset.
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A MAC entry will expire based on when it was added to the table. It really wouldn’t make much sense to clear the entire cache at fixed intervals.

But your question is very vague, what are you trying to do? Why do you want to ‘reset the MAC table’? What circumstance has it so that you are doing this at all? It should be entirely transparent to you and there is no reason to change it—especially if you don’t know what is going on.

Are you trying to solve a problem?