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    Connecting two ethernet MACs without PHYs

    Hi, I am designing a board that utilizes an NXP LS1046a processor and multiple Kintex Ultrascale FPGAs. The plan is to connect the processors up to the three FPGAs via the 1Gbe links. Since they are all on the same board, the plan was to try and connect them up without using any PHY devices...
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    Ping with length >245 bytes ignored by ENC28j60

    Hi, Using a ENC28j60 with a cc1352p1 microcontroller and the lwIP stack. I'm trying to ping my device after manually assigning it an IP, and I can ping it and get a response when the number of bytes in the ping is < 244 bytes. So if I do >> ping I get: 64 bytes from...
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    2 Mcu's to one ethernet port

    Hello iam trying to connect 2 MSP432E mcu's to one ethernet port, iam thinking a 3 port ethernet switch would work or a optical isolator would work.I was curious if other ways exists such as just being able to connect both Mcu's ethernet traces to each other.any iput is appreciated thanks
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    Receive packets and read routine ENC28J60

    I am using an ENC28J60 Rev 7 (REVID = 0x06) with a TI CC1352P microcontroller. Trying to transmit and receive ethernet packets between the MCU and my computer. I was able to transmit packets from my MCU and see them in Wireshark, I could see the content of the message correctly. I am doing a...