how to replace a male hdmi port

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Endless Paradox

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Hello everyone,I have a broken male hdmi port in a mini computer.I would like to replace it.My best experience is some simple circuits on breadboard.What i need to know is how to desolder it is my 30w soldering iron too strong?
Second there is no shop near my domicile to buy a new male replacement part so i wish to cut one from a cable.

Can someone assist me with videos also if possible but not too long what i wanna do is pretty straightforward


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That tiny HDMI connector has a whole lot of connections, I think about 23 of them. So unsoldering all of them at once would be a very challenging project for a person very skilled at soldering. If the socket to be replaced is already broken then dis-assembling it to the point where the pins can be unsoldered one at a time would allow it to be removed without destroying the computer circuit board, which is a multi-layer board and hard to work on without damaging it. As for getting a replacement part of the right configuration, you are probably out of luck.
The HDMI connector is probably one of the worst creations ever produced, because they are the most fragile connector that I have ever seen. The cable end uses a very thin piece of thin and low strength circuit board to serve as the connection part, so the slightest off-axis force will result in broken conductors.