How to reduce friction between rod and tube

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Metal rod, about 3mm diameter, rotating slowly inside metal tube about 25mm long and I want to reduce friction. What would be best for this purpose?
Very fine sandpaper?
Metal Polish?


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Perhaps a Silicone.?
Graphite Dry Lube

Graphene being two-dimensional material, offers unique friction and wear properties that is not typically seen in conventional materials. Besides its well-established thermal, electrical, optical, and mechanical properties, graphene can serve as a solid or colloidal liquid lubricant.
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Aluminum can be difficult to deal with in close fits, particularly with itself.

Another lubricant that has not been mentioned is boron nitride (BN) ( ). The hexagnal form is generally used. It had advantages over graphite. Molybdenum disulfide is another, but I would want to find whether it is compatible with those metals. It is fairly reactive, beside being a mess to work with, and with water can be corrosive on steel.


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If it's not aluminum, I would not be too concerned. I have no experience lubricating decorative chrome. A thin oil, silicone or mineral, would be my first choice. AFT fluid might be an option. It might wet chrome better.

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What sort of speed you rotating at ?
how long do you need this to run without "servicing"
what sort of power you transferring / what sort of pressure the bearing under.

i.e. if its a box cart, then I'd suggest something used on a bike, such as teflon lub as mentioned above.

If its a high speed bearing, then the lub will over heat,
you might need a liquid bearing,
for real high speed an air / gas bearing.
If its in a high temprature , then may be graphite,
if its in a oxygen pump, then dont use grease.

give us more of a clue as to your application,


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The rod to tube diameter/clearance has not been specified, much depends on this.
If using a liquid lube, I second the ATF for lasting over time without drying and also if heat is an issue, no problem.