How to?: LED light strip activated by pressure transducer

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Hello all,
I'd like to start a project where I use a pressure transducer in a car's brake line, to progressively light up a strip of LEDs as the pressure in the line increases. This would create a visual indicator of how much braking pressure was being applied and would be a great teaching tool. I'm sure for some this would be an easy project but I have no experience in this field and really don't know where to even start. Any help or suggestions of starting points would be much appreciated.
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Yes, use a pressure transmitter and put it into your brake line.
convert output to voltage normally 4-20mA or 0-5 or 0-10V depending on model used.
use a MCU to convert voltage to mcu's pins connect to each pin a led.( use a Fet to control the led.
write a few lines of program.

That's all