How to know SMD components real references?


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Sometimes a part is too small to put its identification on it. Manufacturers resort to an Alpha/Numeric code (such as your BUA or the HRFBS) If you know the manufacturer you can visit their website and look up the codes. But each manufacturer can have a different set of codes for a component.


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If you don't know what they are to start with, finding out what they are is very difficult. Sometimes it is helpful to sketch out a schematic with the part in it to see if you can at least determine its function.


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does any one know how to determine a components like in these photos?
There are various references on the internet that cross reference SMD marking codes to manufacturer part numbers. Unfortunately, manufacturers are free to use any codes they want and multiple manufacturers can use the same code for different devices.

Here's one.

It would be best if you posted the markings. I can't tell if the markings that look like 'B' might actually be '8'.

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I found this one by coincidence on the net for the SOT23-6 BUA:,searchweb201602_1,searchweb201603_52. I didn't understand the relation between the product reference and the marquage code. for the second one, I'm working on. the schematic is as in the picture.
Thank you all