How to install library. Please help

Ian Rogers

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Never used Andriod Arduino tools.. but I would imagine they just go in the libraries folder same as PC.. Can you access the phone from a PC? I would just copy them direct.

Yep This from ArduinoDroid web site
WEB said:
How to import user libraries?

You can easily add your libraries to ArduinoDroid. Just copy them to %sd_card%/ArduinoDroid/libraries folder and restart the app. Code complete (starting ArduinoDroid 3.0) will work with your libraries too, but make sure you've specified functions parameters for more detailed code complete results. Pay your attention: library names must contain only basic letters and numbers (ASCII only and no spaces, no underlines and it cannot start with a number).

Starting ArduinoDroid 4.4 you can use Library Manager ("menu / Libraries / Manage libraries") or import library from ZIP ("menu / Libraries / Add ZIP library")