How to increase amps on 12v DC


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There are hundreds of HHO scams today. One charges $700.00 and does not have any proof it might work.
Most HHO scams offer a huge commission to somebody who lies and makes somebody else pay to join.

A few bubbles of HHO are useless in a car engine. The engine uses a very high amount of fuel and almost 15 times as much air. The computer in a modern car will say, "WTF" when some HHO is added and will make the gasoline mixture too lean which burns the valves and pistons.

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The thing to remember with all these free energy schemes is that far far cleverer and better funded people than you or I or the people selling this stuff have researched these ideas and if any of them worked, free energy would be here now. We don't hear about them in the mainstream media because they don't work.

But the main reason we don't have free energy is due to the conspiracy perpetrated by the oil and power companies to prevent free energy generators ever seeing the light of day.;)