Generator to Transformer - Decrease in Voltage to Increase Amps - Is this possible?

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I have a customer that supplies the audio equipment for concerts. Occasionally he has to setup in a more remote location and use a generator.

He requires the generator to be set at 120v / 208v 3 Phase. Using L1 for the Lights, L2 and L3 for the Audio Equipment. The generator being used will output 120v / 208v Low Wye or 277v / 480v High Wye at 47kW / 59 kVA Prime.

Unfortunately the current setting barely meets his current needs. Is it possible to set the generator to 277v / 480v High Wye and use two single phase transformers? One 15kVA on L1 stepping down to 120 VAC and one 15kVA on L2 / L3 stepping down to 208 VAC. Would this increase the available amps? He needs to be right around 70 amps peak on 208 and 50 amps on 120.