Increase Amps on a 13.8 vdc

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Hello every one i have a PYRAMID PS21KX 18 AMP POWER SUPPLY,and i want
to know if i can increase the amp from 18 to the max and if yes , the how to and the parts need it in the project. Any Help welcome. Leonard from NY.


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That would require re-designing the entire power supply.

If it has a transformer, you would need to replace that transformer with a transformer with a larger secondary coil that is rated for the power your requiring. Bigger Rectification Devices, Bigger Conductors...yaddah yaddah yaddah...

If it is a switching PSU, then much more is involved, there is Pulse width Modulation and tons of feedback to the powersupply to make adjustments with itself according to the Load placed on the PSU...

For max current availability, I would say to grab a few Car batterys and connect them together in paralell and use them inbetween Charging cycles...this would offer as much current as you want.

Be careful when working with Lead acid batteries, Charge them in a well ventilated area AWAY FROM SPARKS! and be sure to use goggles and gloves and all that jazz...