How to drive a Bosch Denoxtronic 5 level sensor?

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I have got some signal from Denoxtronic 5 system on a Nissan Navara. Then i'm gonna to use a STM32F407 to control injecting Adblue as Denoxtronic system.

But I'm having a trouble in making level sensor of Denoxtronic 5 generate pulse in order to measure liquid level in the tank.

This is the PWM i got from level sensor. I got 2 signal with 2 different water level and it just repeat continuously.
level_sensor_Artboard 2.png

I used the STM32 to supply 5V to sensor then use HAL_GPIO_EXTI to know have it generated any signal. But i it has no signal.
I think i have to use a signal to trigger the sensor and gain the signal. But look at the signal i got before, i don't know how to trigger the sensor.

I'm appreciate to be helped.
Have a nice dayy.