how to disassemble smd ic 12 pins without hot air station only with soldering iron 10watt

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Ujwal Bhagat

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Recently I have corrupted my laptop bios So I preferred the hot flash method as I have a desktop with same BIOS series chip. I desolder BIOS chip on both laptop and desktop. But while soldering wires to the desktop BIOS slot, accidentally the wet solder fall on the leads of the ic . I got continuity among that leads. Please help me desoldering it.


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You can sometimes use a soldering iron with a little solder on it to drag and pull solder bridges off.

A better way is to use solder braid by putting a little solder on the braid and then holding the braid against the IC pins with the side of the soldering iron for the excess solder to be pulled into the braid.


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Take two 1mm Sq wire u form what fit over the contacts lot of solder and you lift the part of the print.
use braid to clean the lot.


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I second the solder braid method. Also CLEAN your circuit before you post a photo of it - and put LIGHT on your subject.