Disassemble Cell Phone with Non Removable Battery

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I was looking around the web at some of the new cell phones coming out and some of the not so new phones both with non removable batteries and i see that some people have actually taken apart their cell phones and installed a new battery anyway. However, the disassembly and reconstruction procedures are very complicated.
My current phone has a removable battery so i am good to go there, but it is getting old now and lacks some really good features available on even the lower cost $100.00 USD phones now.

I can see a couple videos of how this is done using a heat gun and some new glue or stick strips to put it back together again. one such example is for the Moto G6 cell phone which has a non removable battery. There are various connectors to work with too that are very small so much care has to go into this procedure and one mistake could render the phone useless.

The recommendation is that you send it to an authorized repair facility, but the cost of that battery replacement would be about $70.00 USD and the phone new cost is only about $100.00 to $120.00 USD so it seems not worth it.

So i was wondering if anyone here has tried this with any phone yet with a non removable battery. I chose the Moto G6 example because i found quite a few videos of the procedure. Note this is not the same as the G6 Plus or G6 Play or any other variation of the model.
You can post a video if you like but i've already watch three of them for that phone (although other people might be interested or it might be one i did not see yet).

So you think this is really possible, and did you actually try this with any phone yet?