How to design a mask counter


Joined Jan 27, 2019
When asking for help you’ll need to provide enough information that prospective helpers can work out:

  • What you want to do
  • What resources and limitations you have
  • What problems you have encountered that have stopped you

To that end, please give a narrative description of what it would be like to use/see this counter working, from the user and operator perspective first. That’s something you should be expert in, it is a statement of the problem you are trying to solve. Drawings, photos, and other non-verbal descriptions are also highly helpful.

Then, tell us what you have to work with. That is, if you have a device that needs modification, give us the name, manufacturer, product links, and photos to the extent possible. Also, tell us your level of knowledge so we can judge how to assist.

Then, explain how far you have gotten in trying to solve the problem and what made you stop and ask for help.

With that information you will certainly find help that fits your situation if what you want it practical. It seems to be fairly simple, but we are working blind.


Joined Jun 3, 2019
Automated: Machine, coin in, mask out. Count coins.
Self service: Weight a single mask, multiply by pieces you have, count total weight, when zero, empty.
Semiautomated: hire a person to do the job.