How to create test circuits using datasheet to test component

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I wanted help on how to get started on using datasheets to test the component by performing simulations. I want to know what kind of tests need to be done to make sure the values in the datasheet tables are met. When I run simulations I should get the values as per the tables in the datasheet. Can you suggest some tests that can be performed such as PSRR test, short circuit test and so on? If you could help me out it would be of great help. Thanks.


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The tests will be very varied depending on the component. This means you should probably ask about one component at a time that you are interested in. Some parts can not be tested properly in the spice environment either for some specifications, and other specifications could be there or missing just because the person or program that made the spice model wanted to do it that way.

It's not a bad way to start though, as long as you remember a real life test may be somewhat different.


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Be aware that all spice models are only approximations of the real component. Some are quite accurate, others are simplistic. Spice is generally happy to simulate totally unrealistic voltages and currents which would fry real components. No check is made on whether datasheet limiting values are exceeded, unless you take specific steps to add monitoring functions.


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Also, most Spice models use nominal parameter values, which will be somewhere between the Min and Max values on a data sheet.

And as Alec noted, Spice can generate near unlimited voltages or currents, so you must be aware of that also.