How to convert 6v 2.5 power adapter to 5v 2 A

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    Jul 31, 2015
    Hello I am just getting started in electronics and I want to control some digital LED strip lights.

    I am reading this adafruit guide and I am running into some problems with the power. I currently have a 6v 2.5 A DC power adapter and I want to know if I can hack it to work with this project or if it will just work right off the bat.

    The tutorial is here:

    The tutorial calls for a 5v 2 A power adapter.


    Will I be okay using 6v? If not how can I reduce the Voltage down to 5v?
    Will I be okay using 2.5 A vs 2 A? If not how can I reduce the A down to 2?

    I know that part of being a maker is hacking current electronics you have into something you need. I have been researching myself for close to an hour and I am struggling. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Waste a volt with a diode. Here's one that will use up a volt at 2 amps. The circuit of the LEDs limits the current because it contains the proper resistors for a 5 volt supply.

    You could also change all the resistors to be compatible with a 6 volt supply.
    You could also measure the current when supplying 5 volts and add a series resistor to use up 1 volt at that measured current.
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    Oct 15, 2009
    Or just pick up or find the proper 5V supply around your house.. They are cheap to buy and everyone has a few laying around I'm sure..
    But yes just put a diode in series and you will drop that volt.. Thats the easiest.. but now you need to buy a diode or resistors anyways and for a few dollars more you could just buy the 5V supply.. and not worry about it.. You can easily buy one for $5 to $8 or less..
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    Pretty sure that something that works on 5V should work on 6V without much hassle unless its a sensitive device like MCU.

    Current(Amperage) doesn't have to be reduced since device draws only as much current as it needs,problems start when you don't have enough current so having too much current isn't a problem.
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