How to combine 2 pulse signals and recover them after transmission

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Hello All, :)

I have 2 pulse waveforms - drum pulse and impeller pulse coming from a fuel flow system. I added a picoscope capture of these 2 pulses along with:
1) Pulse width of drum pulse
2) Pulse width of impeller pulse
3) Pulse time of Drum pulse (marked in screenshot 3)

1) = 2) always

As the fuel flow (FF) increases, 1), 2) and 3) increase proportional to FF mostly linearly. FF ranges from 0 to 900 (no upper limit we just go until this relationship stays linear).

How can I combine these 2 pulse signals into a single signal to feed to a pin on another device, and then that device should be able to separate the signals before processing?

I am a newbie to signal processing so looking forward to some help.




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Two different variables will be present in the combined signal so we need a way to identify which is which. I need more information to achieve that:
Does the length of the two pulses vary or just their recurring time?
What are the minimum and maximum varying times of the drum pulse, impeller pulse and difference between the two?
Does the drum pulse always precede the impeller pulse?


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You could make the amplitude of one pulse larger than the other.
Then you use voltage comparators to discriminate between them by their voltage.