How to call out slots in PCBs when layout program makes no provision

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I use the old CircuitMaker/TraxMaker 2000 suite for schematics and PCB layout, knowing full-well that it's obsolete, unsupported and not popular. Nevertheless I find it comfortable, well-documented and more than adequate for my needs; in short, I don't want to learn a new program!

Some thru-hole connectors require slots for terminals, rather than simple round holes. TraxMaker has no provision for this, so I simply placed a row of overlapping round holes in an obround pad and sent my Gerbers off to be mde. Well, this evidently drove the fab house nuts (broken drill bits?) but they figured out what I wanted and put some beautiful slots in that work well. But because of a language barrier (I'm guessing) they can't/won't tell me how they 'fixed' my Gerbers to accomplish this.

I'd like to learn what to do in case there's a 'next time,' and wonder if anyone has addressed this issue with TraxMaker or any other old, simple layout utility that lacks provision for slots? Many thanks in advance.