How to calculate cutoff frequency at a circuit

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I would be grateful if you could inform me on how to calculate the cut off frequency at the attached circuit.

Processing Filter Characteristics 3rd Order LPF + 5th Order HPF

There are four jumpers that may be used to independently control the bandwidth of the analogue signal-processing filters associated with each channel. These filters have two modes of operation:

Mode Low Freq 3dB High Freq 3dB Gain

Low Bandwidth 0.75Hz 11Hz 15 to 77dB (+6dB fixed)
High Bandwidth 0.75Hz 400Hz 15 to 77dB (+6dB fixed)

Normal operation system will utilise the low bandwidth mode. However, there are situations when a faster output signal may be required and it is for this reason that each of the four channels may independently be selected to have a 400Hz bandwidth at the filtered output connector.

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