How to build a toroid ?

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    Sep 29, 2017
    I have a self imposed project to build toroid that would take me from 6-12v DC to some voltage AC.
    My next projects ask me to build an AC voltage doubler, tripler, and quadrupler. It presumes 120v ac but frankly, having 440v present on an open breadboard scares me.
    So, I want to wind it down to perhaps 24-36v AC for the afore mentioned projects.
    Toward that end I have scoured the internet looking for instructions on how to calculate the size of the toroid, number of turns, etc. There are plenty that show how to do the actual winding but not how to spec it.
    I talk about this in my other thread, How to build an inverter, and papa suggested this approach which is what I am trying to do. He recommends a 3:1 transformer, hence this post.
    My readings showed me quite a few 120:240, 240:120, etc. But I did not see any that discussed how to make them.
    30 wire primary, 10 wire secondary ?
    I don't think so, so here I am again.

    George KG5TKY
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    Nov 26, 2012
    I suggest that you pair a low power and low voltage oscillator with a Cockroft-Walton High Voltage generator. The Cockroft-Walton circuit, consisting of a ladder of diodes and capacitors, can raise the AC output of an oscillator up to almost arbitrarily high DC voltages. Wikipedia has a good article on the Cockroft-Walton, named after its inventors, and a good photo of the First One.

    Be careful with the high voltage.