How do I send data to a Nintendo 64 (n64) console, from my computer?

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I have had this idea for a while now. "What if I could play with my friend on my n64 over the internet?". I realize I could just use an emulator, but I wanna do this with hardware.

I can set up a program that can send controller data and I'll stream my TV, so basically all I need at this point is some sort of USB device that I could connect to my computer and to the n64. I have an arduino sitting around, and at first I thought that would work great. But then I read this:
Which has a lot of stuff that I don't fully understand, and makes it seem very complicated. Most of the internet hardware/diy projects I find are about reading from a controller, not sending to a console.

I realize that this might have problems in the future with latency, but I'll deal with that when I get there. I just wanna see if I can get this to work.
If I have to, I'll just dissect a controller and stuff in a bunch of relays to control the buttons.

I have a little experience in java, a lot in C#, but not any at all in working with an arduino.