How did it go with the destruction testing of the Cree LEDs I wonder?

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    Dec 7, 2015
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    Hi Guys, newbie here. How did it go with the destruction testing of the Cree LEDs I wonder? Was it possible to go past the 1500mA limit without destroying the unit and still getting a good flash? I'm about to build a ring light for my camera using 20 of those lovely little LEDs and am interested to know if it might be possible (one day) to get more than the stated output if the duration were short as you have suggested (100us) or even 50 like a pro flash. I wonder if there would be issues with the rise time in the LED, I know that in optical fibre transmission at high speeds a small current is allowed to leak through the diode to prime it - the rise time is then faster. Failing that I will just run them according to the recommendation (1500mA) or as it seems fitting for the scene in hand. One of my concerns if running them constantly is actually that they would be too bright at full power if I were close to a person's face. This would be another good reason to run them at low power and then flash them for a very short period during the photo exposure. Any comments most welcome