How can I get 48VAC at 50Hz from mains 220 at 60Hz?

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Hi all, I'm making a custom application and I need a source for a device that takes 300mA - 48VAC at 50 Hz to power. I can easily get the 48V, but how can I get it to 50 Hz?
All I've got so far is just trying to rectify it and then using a function generator, but is there another way that wont take up too much space in my design?

1644425972370.pngthe proposed rectifier


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Are you certain the device can't operate from 60Hz?

Otherwise you could use a 50Hz sinewave oscillator to an audio amp IC driving a transformer.


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Can you just use a 48vac 50Hz power supply? Do you really need something that fits into your device?
For a quick and easy solution, I would...
-download a sine wave signal generator app to my iPad or phone
- plug the phone into my 100w/channel stereo receiver.

Connect the output to a 2:1 step-up transformer to get your 48vac. You'll need a monster mower receiver to get to 48vac without a step up transformer.

Just adjust volume knob to set voltage and use the app to adjust frequency and waveform.