power sources/conversion

  1. manonpajamas

    How can I get 48VAC at 50Hz from mains 220 at 60Hz?

    Hi all, I'm making a custom application and I need a source for a device that takes 300mA - 48VAC at 50 Hz to power. I can easily get the 48V, but how can I get it to 50 Hz? All I've got so far is just trying to rectify it and then using a function generator, but is there another way that wont...
  2. gautam023

    DC coupling capacitor selection

    Hi, I am using LT3958 to design a SEPIC Buck converter to supply my sensor for BMS function. I have made the necessary calculations for required DC coupling capacitor. I need a 22uF @ 100V XR7/XR5. I went to digikey website to check for the components. I see a capacitor whose application says is...