How can I add remote control functionality to an air horn

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I have an Air horn that I have wired up using the included relay to a 12v lipo battery. The air horn works when I connect the battery.

I would like to be able to remotely control the air horn using a spectrum transmitter. I have a 20 amp esc and a receiver. The esc and receiver work when I connect the esc to a brushless motor but I would like to replace the motor with the air horn compressor.

I tried connecting the wires from the ESC to the relay where it was originally connecting to the battery however there is no where to connect the signal wire of the esc so there was no input from the transmitter to make the horn sound.

Please see attached photo of the current working wiring of the air horn and also the esc, receiver I have that I want to include into the wiring.

Can anyone recommend how I can do this. I do a bit with radio controlled planes etc. but do not understand how I can incorporate the RC gear into the air horn wiring.

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Two simple (mechanical) ways:
1) Use a servo to close the contacts on a push button or leaf switch. Years ago, that was common.
2) Try a relay between the esc and horn. Esc operates relay; relay operates horn.

Electronically, there are switches that act from the servo signal. Such a switch may operate the horn directly or through a relay.


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If you use a cam rather than an "arm" and a continuous rotating servo, you can make it blast repeatedly by how long you hold the control stick in position.