How can enlarge bandwidth of an op amp with Miller compensation?


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Compensation allows one to use more BW available in OpAmp
by keeping it stable, so it does not increase the intrinsic BW of
the OpAmp, as Dick points out, just allows one to use more of the
available BW w/o going into oscillation.

Capacitive loading, stray C at OpAmp inputs, all contribute to
instability, and have to have compensation applied unless internally

There are OpAmps comped internally to be unity G stable. Or comped
for some fixed minimum G, like G >= 10, used at less that 10 will oscillate.

Another technique to increase BW, feed forward compensation - AN-National/LB-2.pdf

This is a very broad topic, do not despair, just keep reading. The original
paper that launched the general topic of feedback amplifiers.

Regards,. Dana.
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