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ben sorenson

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No idea if this is the right category or not but here we go... these are Photos taken from the cavity of a partical accelerator I've been working on, the photos are extracted from the video shot at 1080p 30fps. Every time I record footage from the cavity there are black horizontal lines that cover the Arc. Is some pictures the Arc is completely covered, in others it partially covers the Arc. When it partially covers the Arc, it changes the color of the Arc to like a negative color. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what the black horizontal line is, why it is, what it is, etc.



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What does this possibly have to do with analog and mixed-signal design?

Why do you keep asking optics questions in an electronics forum?

The only possible ties to electronics would involve things like the kind of reset the imager is using or whether it is an artifact due to blooming. But you need a lot more information about the imager. Try contacting the manufacturer of the camera that is being used and get in touch with somewhat familiar with its implementation and characteristics.


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Possibly something to do with the shutter speed. Looks like a moving curtain shutter.
If you get higher exposure in one area that could result in a different rendition of color.


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The big question is just what sort of camera is being used? The electrical and magnetic fields in a particle accellerator are rather intense and can easil disrupt most video cameras.


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OK, a cell phone camera. Probably there is an electrical field that is fairly intense that is affecting the phone camera, at least that is my guess, based on the assumption that a article accellerator has a rather intense electrical field.


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It looks like stills between frames of the video. I get a similar effect if I shoot a still of a scope waveform using a shutter speed too fast. Anyway the black bar looks like your stills of the video have some between framed. You should be able to view the video frame by frame. That assumes quality video editing software.

Just my guess.